About DEN

Democracy Education Network (DEN) is a registered charitable educational organization incorporated federally in September 1993 (Business Number 88604 4999 RR 0001). DEN is non-partisan and supported by donations from individual Canadians and foundations.

The Democracy Education Network was set up to address the need for Canadians, and governments and corporations, to develop democratic skills, especially in the areas of problem-solving and decision-making; to create meaningful opportunities for citizens to participate in making the difficult choices any community faces and to learn the skills to participate effectively in decision-making processes.

The Democracy Education Network works with all Canadians, governments and businesses to develop processes and skills for citizen participation. As a network, the organization has the flexibility to undertake projects in communities across Canada.

The objectives of DEN are:

  • To undertake research into the institutional processes of Canadian governments and businesses, and into effective democratic decision-making processes;
  • To train people in the skills of participating in these processes; and
  • To develop and disseminate civic educational materials for various age groups.

As a charitable organization, DEN does not seek to promote any political doctrine or advocate particular views on social issues, but instead helps Canadians and their governments and businesses create and learn about effective democratic processes.
The Network is coordinated by David Shulman, one of the leading practicioners of democratic skills teaching in Canada.

Democracy Education Network's website is your gateway to information and courses on government and corporate decision-making processes in Canada, and also around the world.  DEN has also completed many projects since 1993.

Who is involved with DEN?

DEN's Coordinator, Assistant-Coordinator and Board of Directors (see biographies) are assisted by students, volunteers, and Canadians across the country.

What are people saying about democracy education?

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Democracy Education Network's Annual Reports

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